A Fun Walk

a fun walk

A Fun Walk. One day, a curious wombat goes for a walk. Along the way. they meet strange animals with important life lessons. Find out what each animal teaches the wombat in this wild and wacky adventure!

Make your child the main character. Replace this (_____) with your child’s name.

A Fun Walk.

Somewhere in a dry, beautiful country, a fluffy wombat snores in the shade of a tree with his family.

His name is _____. He’s young and curious.

“The weather is nice today,” the wombat says. _____ asks his mom and dad if he can go for a walk.

“Only if you don’t go too far,” his parents say in unison.

The wombat is happy and starts skipping.

_____ passes a tree that smells nice. He stops. There’s a strange, gray animal on a branch.

“Who are you?” the wombat asks.

“I’m a koala,” the animal says. “I eat leaves, but I’ve gobbled up almost every single one on this tree.”

The koala sights. “I crawl too slowly to reach another good tree today.”

_____ has an idea! “I can bring you to a good tree. Just hop on my back!”

The koala climbs on the wombat’s back. Together, they walk until the koala sees a tree he likes.

There’s only one problem. Between them and the tree, there’s a small river.

“I can’t swim,” _____ says.

“But I can!” the koala says.

He jumps off the wombat’s back. The koala crosses the river.

He climbs into his new tree and swings from branch to branch. He’s happy!

“Although I’m not fast on the ground, I’m a great swimmer,” the koala says. “Everybody’s good at something.”

_____ says goodbye to the koala and continues his walk.

He pauses when he sees a strange, pointy plant. “What’s this?” the wombat says.

The plant moves. It’s not a plant! It’s a strange animal _____ has never seen before.

“Who are you?” he asks the animal.

“I’m an echidna,” the animal says. She shakes her spikes. They look dangerous.

“I saw that you brought the koala to another tree,” the echidna says. “I’m tired. Can you please give me a ride on your back?”

_____ not sure. He doesn’t like the echidna’s spikes

“They won’t hurt you,” the echidna says.

The echidna hops on the wombat’s back. She doesn’t use her spikes, so she doesn’t hurt him at all!

When they reach the bush, she thanks _____.

“Animals who look a little bit different can be very sweet, too,” the echidna says.

The wombat agrees and continues his walk.

When _____ passes a dark cave, he walks a little faster. “How scary,” he thinks.

He keeps walking. Before long, he sees a strange animal hanging upside down from a tree.

“You’re not a bird,” the wombat says, “but you have wings. Who are you?”

“I’m a bat, and I’m lost,” the animal says. “I can’t find my cave.”

The wombat remembers the cave he just passed. “I can take you there. Hop on my back.”

With the bat on his back, _____ walks up to the entrance of the cave, but he’s afraid of the dark.

“Go inside,” the bat says. “The dark is not that scary.”

_____ goes into the cave. The bat is right; it’s not scary at all! The cave feels cool, too, unlike the hot weather outside.

wombat a fun walk

_____ says goodbye to the bat and leaves the cave.

Outside, he meets a young animal.

“You look like a dog,” the wombat says. “Who are you?”

“I’m a dingo,” the animal says. “I’m looking for my parents.”

“I can help you find them,” says _____. “Hop on my back.”

After a while, they find the young dingo’s mom and dad.

The family is now united again!

“Family’s the most important thing in the world,” the dingo says.

_____ thinks of his own parents. “I’ve had a fun walk, but now it’s time to go home to my own family. Goodbye, dingo.”

_____ arrives home. He tells his parents about all the animals he met today.

“Why did you give them a ride?” his dad asks.

“Because you can always learn something from everyone,” the wombat says.

_____ falls asleep under his favorite tree. He had a great day. Tomorrow, he wants to go for another walk.

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