Good Weather

Good Weather for children story

Good Weather. Bright sun, rain and sleet, snow and frost. The weather can be so diverse. But is there any perfect season? Maybe, A little spider encounters some trouble and finally finds an answer to this question.

Make your child the main character. Replace this (_____) with your child’s name.

Good Weather

Good Weather for children story

Once upon a time, there lived two little spiders. One was named _____, and the other was Klaus.

_____ loved sunny summer days. He would climb up a tree and lie on a leaf in the sun.

Klaus liked to sunbathe, too, and they often relaxed together.

But as soon as the clouds shrouded the sky and it was impossible to sunbathe, _____ started complaining:

“Ugh! The weather got worse. The last thing we need is rain.”

“Oh, come on,” said Klaus. “Rain. What’s the big deal?”

A moment later, there was a crack of thunder, and the heavens opened.

_____ looked at Klaus and said. “Come on, you say? You wish!”

But Klaus put a bold face on. He started gathering leaves in order to build a water slide.

“Whee! This is such fun! Thanks for the rain!” Klaus whooped playfully.

“What’s the big deal…” said _____, hiding in a tree hollow.

When autumn came, _____ and Klaus began to walk on branches because the leaves were so feeble.

“I hate autumn. No sun, too much rain, and the leaves are constantly falling,” _____ complained.

“Hey, don’t be like that! Autumn can be a lot of fun, too,” said Klaus.

“You wish,” _____ grumbled incredulously.

“I’m going to prove it to you!”

Klaus tore off a leaf, wove a few strong threads and constructed a parachute for himself.

“Look, _____! I’m a flying spider. ha-ha! You can make one too!” Klaus exclaimed cheerfully.

“No way. I only want to sunbathe!” The spider remained unconvinced.

When winter came, _____ preferred not to leave his hollow at all.

“It’s awfully cold. I hate winter. I wish it would warm up here as soon as possible,” _____ complained.

“Come on. The winter is beautiful. Look!”

Klaus went down and began erecting a snow fortress with underground tunnels and lofty towers.

“Drop on in, _! You’ll get the red carpet treatment,” Klaus said.

Good Weather

“Is it possible to sunbathe in your castle? I think not. So you can count me out,” _____ grumbled.

Spring came at last, and the air warmed up.

But _ wasn’t happy all the same. “I don’t like spring. Slush and dampness all around. I wish summer would come sooner.”

“You’re kidding, right? The weather is gorgeous. You’re just not seeing it,” Klaus answered.

“I am, believe me. The thing is… you can’t sunbathe in spring.”

“Hey-ho! You better come with me, _____. I’ll teach you how to sail a boat.”

Walking in the park, Klaus found a slope with water flowing down from the melting snow piles.

He took two small leaves and a stick, tied them with a thread and build a stylish boat.

“Hey, step aside! Klaus is sailing!”

“Why are you standing there, _____? Hurry up and join in!”

Good Weather

“No way! Why waste time on such dumb things when summer is right around the corner?” _____ said, crawling back into his hollow.

Finally, the long-awaited summer came.

“Yippee!” _____ exclaimed. “We can sunbathe now!”

But as soon as he found a good spot on a leaf, the sky clouded over.

“Hey, what’s going on? I haven’t waited a full year to be out in the rain now! Clear out, you clouds!”

But the clouds wouldn’t leave the sky. Moreover, it rained every single day. It wasn’t the best summer for sunbathing.

Klaus looked at his frustrated friend and said, “Don’t be upset, _____, everything’s gonna be alright.”

“You really think so? What if it’s going to rain like this until autumn?”

“In that case, all we can do is… build a wonderful water park! Do you feel like helping me?”

_____ thought for a moment. “Well… I’m not going to wait another year, that’s for sure.”

“Ok, show me how to make water slides.”

Klaus taught _____ how to lay the leaves, and they made the most incredible water park in the world!

Good Weather

“You were right, Klaus. This is truly fun!” _____ called out cheerfully while sliding down a slippery leaf.

Unfortunately, _____didn’t have a chance to sunbathe, but as he and Klaus rained down in parachutes, he thought:

There is no bad weather: every kind of weather is a blessing.

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