Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart Is. A young pig decides to leave the farm and explore the world. He tries surfing in the sea and skiing in the mountains. but eventually realizes that there’s no place like home. A fun, traveling adventure awaits!

Make your child the main character. Replace this (_____) with your child’s name.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

pig on the farm

_____, the pig, loved living on the farm. He always had plenty of food to eat. CHOMP! CHOMP! SCOFF! SCOFF!

And it was fantastic fun rolling in the mud with his friends. WHOOPEE! SQUELCH! SQUELCH!

But sometimes, _____ got bored living in the same place with nothing new to see.

The barn was always full of chickens, clucking and pecking at seed.

And the fields were full of cows and sheep, roaming and chewing grass.

“It’s too quiet here,” he said. “Nothing exciting ever happens.”

So, _____ made a big decision. “I’m going to leave the farm and explore the world!” he announced.

The next morning, as the rooster crowed and the sun rose on the horizon, _____ set out on his adventure.

The first place he came to was a small village with only a few houses and one shop.

He sighed. “This is just as boring as the farm. Time to move on!”

_____ plodded on and on until he arrived at the coast.

“Now this is more like it! Look at those waves!”

_____ dashed and splashed into the water. “Yippee! This is so much fun!”

pig on the beach

When _____ had finished surfing, he lay down on the beach. Soon, he was snoring.

But, when he woke up, he was itchy and covered in sand.

“I don’t think I want to stay here,” he grumbled. “Sand is too scratchy. Time to move on.”

_____ wandered away from the beach and caught a bus.

pig on the bus

The bus zoomed off to the city.

Cars, vans, and bicycles whizzed up and down the roads. People hurried along the streets into shops and offices.

pig in the city

“Wow! Everywhere is so busy!”

_____ found a café with doughnuts.

pig eating cake

And decided to stay there to eat delicious cream cakes. YUM! YUM!

When his belly was full, _____ tried to find somewhere to lie down for a snooze.

But it was no use. He couldn’t sleep anywhere.

“I can’t stay here. The city is too noisy and crowded. And all these traffic fumes are making me cough. Time to move on.”

_____ sneaked onto a train heading to the mountains.

pig on the train

He watched the countryside zip by.

When the train stopped, _____ jumped off. He breathed in the fresh, clean air as he ambled along.

pig on top of the mountain

Soon, he reached the top of the mountain. It was covered in snow.

“Brrr!” _____ shivered. “It’s freezing cold up here!”

Then _____ spotted people skiing down the mountaintop. SWISH! SWISH! ZOOM! ZOOM!

“That looks like fun. I’ll give it a try.”

pig skiing

_____ whizzed along on his skis. SWISH! SWISH! WHEEEE! Up and down he went.

But after a while, he got bored. Skiing wasn’t as much fun on his own. “I wish my friends were here.”

_____ felt sad as he gazed down the mountain. If he looked hard enough, he could just see the farm in the distance.

So, he decided to return home and tell everyone about his adventure.

His friends were happy and excited to see him. “We missed you!” they called, as he skipped up the farm track.

pigs in the mud

To celebrate being home, _____ rolled in the mud with all his friends. SQUELCH! SQUELCH! WHEEEEE!

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Then he scarfed down some delicious food. CHOMP! CHOMP! YUM! YUM!

sleeping little pig

Finally, _____ lay down to sleep under a peaceful, starry night sky. SNORE! SNORE!

He knew that he did love living on the farm now more than ever before.

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