How to find a friend

How to find a friend stories with pictures

How to find a friend. Everyone needs a good friend, but how can we find one? Even some grownups have a difficult time doing this. This is the story of a bird who searched for a friend amongst those who were different from him.

Make your child the main character. Replace this (_____) with your child’s name.

How to find a friend

In a vast forest, there lived a small but very brave and clever bird named _____.

When _____ grew older, his parents moved in with his grandma and grandpa to help take care of them.

Meanwhile, _____ decided to remain, now the man of the house.

_____ and his parents couldn’t visit each other very often, as they couldn’t fly. Their wings were just too small.

Instead, they sent each other letters by bug mail.

The post-bug would fly by and hand a long letter to _____, Who would in turn give him the very same to deliver to his parents.

The bird’s life was worry-free and happy. Walking up in the morning, he washed himself and cleaned his beak before engaging in fun activities.

He enjoyed doing many different things: working to improve his tree-climbing skills or hiding in an ambush, disguised as a leaf.

He also loved searching for new paths and inspecting animal tracks.

But most of all, _____ enjoyed watching the stars! As soon as it got dark, he would climb a high cliff and stare up at the sky.

One night, a star shower covered the sky. It was so pretty that _____ couldn’t help but exclaim, “Look, the stars are falling down!”

He looked around to see if anybody else saw the star shower, but he didn’t see anyone…

“Am I alone here?” he thought to himself. For the first time since his parents left, _____ felt sad.

Yet, he kept his chin up. The next morning, he packed his backpack and hit the road.

He was determined not to come back until he found other birds to befriend.

He couldn’t leave without giving notice to his parents about where and why he was going, so he wrote them a letter and handed it to the post-bug.

_____ walked for a long while but kept his head up! He knew for sure that he would make it.

As if a reward for his optimism, the path soon led him to a real crows’ town, which was indicated by a sign.

_____ could not believe his luck – he met not only one or two, but dozens of birds. He knew he would definitely find friends there!

The only thing was that those birds acted very arrogant! They rushed around quickly without paying any attention to others.

_____ was a bit scared and figured he should become a little more like them in order to find friends. But how could he do that?

A crow showed him the way to a shop where he could buy the same serious jacket that all the townsfolk wore.

At the shop, _____ exchanged his backpack for the jacket.

It wasn’t long before _____ became a hot shot himself, same as all the other townsfolk.

Although he tried as he might to make friends, the crows would wonder:

“Why is he so colorful? Doesn’t he know that the most beautiful feathers are black ones?”

Soon enough, it became apparent that the jacket didn’t suit the bird – the seams broke, and the buttons fell off.

This embarrassing situation made the drawers laugh. _____ ran away, trying to hide his sadness.

He went as chance directed him. But what was that? He suddenly noticed a bright object lying on the gray pavement. Was it a flower?

No. It appeared that someone had lost a pin to adorn her feathers.

“But crows don’t wear things like this!” _____ was surprised.

“The flower on this pin is red and bright, anything but black.” The bird decided to find its owner.

Meanwhile, the crow who was missing her pin felt really sad.

She had worn her best “treasures” for a walk but then lost her favorite one – the flower pin.

On top of that, other crows were ridiculing her:

“Her black feathers are fine just the way they are! Why does she ruin them with those unnecessary accessories?”

The crow was very frustrated. Why should friendship depend on the color of her feathers or other things like the same tastes in music and food?

Suddenly, someone approached with her missing pin!

Someone small, who was practically hidden beneath the flamboyant flower he carried.

_____ talked to the sorrowful crow.

She cheered up at once! _____ knew he shouldn’t hide his feathers, while the crow decided to keep wearing her colorful pins.

They had lovely chat, and _____ shared the story about his cliff and the star shower. The crow wanted to visit that place as well.

Then, _____ confessed that he couldn’t fly. He asked if they could be friends and if she could take flight with him on board.

In response to this, the crow immediately placed the little bird on her back.

They soared up… And oh so fast!

Rather than trying to please everyone, the most important thing among friends is mutuality and respecting one another despite any differences.

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