How to Follow Your Dream

How to Follow Your Dream

How to Follow Your Dream. What challenges would you overcome in the pursuit of your dream? Embark on a daring adventure as a brave young squirrel tries to climb the tallest tree in the forest. Challenges await at every step!

Make your child the main character. Replace this (_____) with your child’s name.

How to Follow Your Dream

Deep in the woods there once lived a squirrel, _____, who had never climbed a tree.

Every day he would gaze up at the treetops, dreaming of all the wonderful adventures he might have up there.

But the trees seemed so high and he was just too afraid.

One day, _____ friends were happily playing in the highest tree in the forest.

He wanted to join them so much that he decided to face his fear.

So looking up, he took a deep breath and bravely began to climb.

At the first branch, _____ met the wise old forest owl, resting after a busy night’s hunting.

“Good morning young squirrel, how are you today?” said the owl.

“Good morning, Mr Owl” replied _____, “This is the first time I’ve ever climbed a tree and I’m quite frightened.”

“Don’t be afraid” said the wise old owl “Just climb one branch at a time.”

“You will face many challenges in the tree, but keep going. for when you get to the top you will receive a wonderful reward.”

“Thank you Mr. Owl” replied _____, and he continued to climb.

At the second branch, _____ happened upon a big brown bear, lazily dozing after having eaten all the honey from the bees nest in the tree.

“Go back squirrel!” Said the bear. “I’m about to have a snooze. My belly is filled to bursting and I will not be moved.”

“How can I get past?” _____ wondered.

_____ noticed the bear’s big, bulging belly, ‘That looks very bouncy’ he thought to himself.

_____ dived onto the bear’s giant, bouncy belly as though it was an enormous trampoline.

“Yippee! Not today Mr. Bear!” _____ shouted, as he bounced high up into the tree.

At the next branch, _____ saw a slippery, slithering snake coiled around the tree.

“Mmm, fresh squirrel, my favorite” hissed the snake. “I haven’t eaten all morning and I’m very hungry.”

As the snake lunged, _____ bravely leaped into the air and grabbed onto the snake’s tail.

“Take that, Mr. Snake, ha ha!” _____ yelled, as he skillfully swung around the branch and even higher up the tree.

When he landed _____ was standing beside a bustling bees nest. There was honey all over the branch.

“Turn back, young squirrel!” they buzzed, “A bear has pinched all our honey, we’re very angry and you may get stung if you come by us today.”

“How can I get through?” _____ wondered.

Just then, he noticed a big pile of brown and yellow leaves on the branch.

Sticking the leaves all over himself with honey, _____ cunningly disguised himself as a bee.

“Buzz buzz, I’m a real bee, a very real bee, buzz buzz” _____ said, as he carefully crept through the swarm.

Surprisingly, the bees seemed convinced by _____ disguise and left him alone as he pressed on further up the tree.

At the next branch _____ met a woodpecker, pecking a cozy little nest in the tree for his young family.

By this time he was very tired and was wondering if he would ever reach the top.

“Could I rest here for a while, Mr. Woodpecker?” asked _____. “I’m very weary and I’m trying to climb all the way to the top of the tree.”

“I’m afraid my nest is only small,” said the woodpecker, “way too small for a squirrel.”

“Oh no, what shall I do?” Replied _____, “I’m so tired and I need to climb even further if I’m going to reach the top.”

“Hm. There are lots of fresh chestnuts on this tree. If you can find them they will give you the energy you need to continue.”

“Thank you Mr woodpecker” said _____, and off he went in search of the tasty chestnuts.

Using all his squirrel skills, _____ easily found the nuts, and he munched and nibbled and crunched until he was nice and full.

Then, feeling refreshed, he continued further on up the tree. ______ was nearly at the top now and the branches were swaying in the wind.

He looked down at the forest floor. He was so high up that he was afraid to continue…

Just then, _____ friends cheered down to him from the tree top. “You can do this, _____, come and join us at the top!”

Encouraged by his friends, _____ looked up, faced his fears, and bravely climbed to the very top of the tree.

And the wise old owl was right, _____ did receive a wonderful reward. He felt fantastic, and he was no longer afraid.

And as he sat with his friends to gaze across the lush, green forest, the view was truly wonderful.

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