Little tiger fights microbes

Little tiger fights microbes story tales with pictures

Little tiger fights microbes. Some little ones, as well as older kids, don’t like to brush their teeth. A little tiger did not want to brush his teeth, either, and then had to fight some microbes. Who do you think won this battle?

Make your child the main character. Replace this (_____) with your child’s name.

Little tiger fights microbes

Once upon a time in a wonderful forest where many animals lived, a little tiger named _____ was born.

When he was tiny, his mother fed him milk and allowed him to walk on the lawn near their house.

_____ ate very well and grew up quickly. And soon, he enjoyed his first friends and…

Got his first teeth!

His mother was very happy and presented him with a brand-new toothbrush.

However, he didn’t want to brush his teeth and sought refuge in the forest, where he played with the other little tigers.

Once, a family of rhinos came to visit and presented _____ with a whole set of colored toothbrushes!

_____ of course thanked them for their present, but…

Left for the forest again.

He enjoyed staring at the frogs and butterflies more than brushing his teeth.

Mother was very sad that _____ wouldn’t brush his teeth and refused to listen to her.

One time, Mother managed to catch him by the tail when he set out to leave for the forest again.

This time, Mother was very determined!

“Do you know that there are thousands of microbes in the forest? They steal teeth from those who don’t want to brush them!” Mother said.

“Who are these microbes, anyway?” asked _____.

“They are very tiny animals who jump on your teeth and try to take them away!”

“Haha! I’m a tiger, and I’m not afraid of anyone!” laughed _____.

He ran away to the forest again, and Mother could do nothing but sigh sorrowfully.

A few days passed. _____ ate, slept, and ran off to play with his friends.

But he still wouldn’t clean his teeth.

However, one day, something happened! _____ came running home, ready to burst into tears.

“Those microbes…are cowards! They stole my tooth and hid it in the grass, and I didn’t even see them do it!” cried _____.

“They must have been scared by my dreadful roar and sharp claws,” _____ said after calming down.

“How could they manage to do that?” Mother asked in surprise.

“My friends and I were competing, trying to bite through a thick stick. I won, but I lost my tooth in the process.”

“Those savage microbes must have been hiding on that stick,” _____ finished his story.

“Let me see,” said Mother gently.

“Yes, indeed, the microbes have taken your tooth.” Mother pretended to form and gave it some thought.

“What shall I do? I won’t be able to find my tooth. What if the microbes ate the entire thing?” asked _____ in a trembling voice.

Mother smiled, embraced her son, and said, ” Don’t take it so hard, baby. It was only a milk tooth and will soon be replaced by a new one.”

“But remember, microbes only like filthy teeth! So to prevent this problem from happening again, you have to brush your teeth well. Agree?”

“Of course, mommy!” _____ smiled.

And so from that point forward, _____ enjoyed using his different-colored toothbrushes for every day of the week.

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