My dad is a Giant

My dad is a giant story tales with pictures

My dad is a Giant. Many people tell exaggerated tales to seem superior or at least no worse than others. Our hero himself invented a story, which he wound up regretting. Find out why there’s nothing wrong with telling the truth.

Make your child the main character. Replace this (_____) with your child’s name.

My dad is a Giant

_____ was arguing with his friends about whose father was the best.

“My daddy is a magician! He can pull a coin from his ear and make it disappear,” boasted Julie.

“My daddy is a vet. He once had to pull a giant tiger tooth at the zoo, but he wasn’t scared a bit!” said Agatha.

“My daddy is like a king! He has a hundred workers under his command who do whatever he says!” bragged Leo.

“What does your father do, _____?” his friends asked him.

“His father is just an ordinary mechanic who repairs cars!” laughed Leo, whose father was a king.

“Nothing of the kind! My daddy is… he is…” _____ was awfully hurt and began making up things that were out of this world.

“My daddy is a giant… he is!”

“What?” his friends opened their eyes wide at _____. They had never seen a giant.

“What do you mean? Tell us!” inquired Julie, but _____ didn’t know how to respond.

Restless Leo would not calm down. “He is just lying! There are no giants in the world. If he was a giant, everybody would know it.”

Lying in his bed that night, _____ could not fall asleep. He worried that his friends would find out the truth and laugh at him.

When the morning came, _____ was awakened by a sudden noise from the kitchen.

He headed over to check what had happened and froze in surprise.

His father was trying to pick up broken dishes, but he was… two times taller than usual.

Good morning, _____,” his father saluted. ” As you can see, a mysterious nuisance has happened to me. For some reason, I keep growing!”

“Oh, Daddy!” _____ yelled. “Let’s run outside before you break everything in the house!”

When _____ ran out of the house, he felt very cold. As he was in a hurry, he had completely forgotten to put on his shoes.

His father, having grown a little more, placed him on his shoulders.

“Well, son, what shall we do now?” he asked playfully.

“Daddy!” _____ exclaimed with delight, as he was up so high. “Let’s go for a walk!”

As they walked along the street, his father grew taller, and the passersby grumbled while cars passing by honked their horns.

What was the poor guy supposed to do? Go out in a field where he wouldn’t bother anyone with his monstrous size?

Yet, that’s just what they did, running around and having fun all the while.

But the boy got hungry after a while, and it was no fun for him to play around anymore.

His father, as tall as a tree, gathered some ripe and tasty apples and pears so the boy could enjoy a snack.

Soon thereafter, _____ began missing his toys that he had left at home. He sighed in sadness.

Then his father saw a tractor, stretched out his hand, and grabbed it carefully.

He placed _____ into the cabin and drove him around the field as if he was a real tractor driver!

“Vroom-vroom!” the father repeated while the boy laughed. It was such fun!

Soon enough, _____ became bored with this also and felt truly homesick.

He asked his father sadly, “Daddy, will you sit like this for the rest of the time? Can we ever go back home?”

“Don’t worry. I will build a big house, and we will live right here! I’ll get a job as a lifeguard who saves cats from trees and puts out fires.”

When the evening came, they started up at the moon as the father said.

“_____, would you like me to lift you up in the sky so you can reach the moon?”

“No, daddy,” replied the boy sadly. “I don’t want a super-father! I want you to go back to what you were before – an ordinary mechanic.”

“Even if you don’t do tricks or pull out tigers teeth, I’ll still love you. To me, you are already a super-father!”

_____ Was now freezing, so his father took him in his arms as if he was very little, and they quietly headed home.

Soon, _____ fell asleep, lulled by the steady beat of his father’s heart.

In the morning, he woke up in his bed.

He went downstairs and was very much surprised to see his parents having breakfast as if nothing had happened. The boy’s heart beat with joy.

“Yippie!” exclaimed _____ as he rushed to embrace his normal, Familiar-looking father. “You’ve become yourself again!”

“You know what? I had an amazing dream,” said _____. “Everything seemed so real! I’ll tell you about it later.”

_____ ran outside, where his friends were already playing.

“Well, _____, how about introducing us to your father?” His friends were itching to see a real giant with their very own eyes.

“Nope!” said _____ as he decided to tell the truth. “In fact, my dad is a mechanic. Yep, he simply repairs cars.”

“Without him, your father wouldn’t be able to get to the zoo to rescue the tiger,” _____ remarked to Agatha.

“And your father, Leo, wouldn’t be able to join his workers, who would be stuck at home as well!”

“But your dad, of course, would still be able to do his tricks,” he said to Julie, and everybody laughed.

Now so proud of his father, _____ truly believed he was extraordinary in his very own way.

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