My Friend the Dolphin

My Friend the Dolphin

My Friend the Dolphin. Every child has a favorite toy. What if this toy was made by someone in his family? It might then become a magical toy that can take the child on a wonderful journey. Let’s go on this journey together!

Make your child the main character. Replace this (_____) with your child’s name.

My Friend the Dolphin

Somewhere at the edge of a forest, in a small village, there lived a good and strong family.

In this family was a curious little boy named _____.

He had a room of his own where he would spend most of his time playing with his toys.

His favorite toy was a blue plush dolphin sewn by his mother a long time ago.

blue plush dolphin

Sometimes, _____ would get so carried away playing with the dolphin, he would not even notice darkness falling.

Before going to bed, he would put the dolphin into a special place and wish it good night.

blue plush dolphin

One night _____ was sad. “I’m so sorry you’re not real. I’d love to talk to a live dolphin so much!”

The boy wrapped himself up in a warm blanket and went off dreaming…

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Unwittingly, he fell asleep very soon.

He found himself in the middle of a vast meadow, with no one around.

_____ looked around and wondered, “Why is it so lonesome here?”

All of a sudden a huge shadow covered him.

He looked up. For a moment it seemed to him that it was caused by a cloud.

But it appeared to be something else. It was his friend, the dolphin, floating gracefully across the sky, smiling.

The dolphin landed next to _____ and offered him a ride on its back.

The boy was happy to accept the invitation, and they took to the air immediately!

_____ enjoyed the flight very much. He had never had such a wonderful feeling of lightness.

Soon he became curious, though. “Where are we going, Dolphin?”

“I want to tell you a secret, _____,” said the dolphin.

“Look ahead. Can you see those mountains? They seem to be quite ordinary, don’t they?”

“Well… looks like they do, Dolphin. Just ordinary mountains.”

“Not exactly! Hold tight, ____. I’m going to surprise you now!”

The dolphin picked up speed in no time and made it for the mountains.

The friends flew all the way through the mountains and found themselves in some magical place.

“My friends live here, _____. We are all someone’s toys and we love to tell children exciting stories.”

“And now I’m going to show you a mighty tree that we honor and respect.”

The dolphin flew towards an oak tree, so huge that it took _____ breath away.

“Gee! This tree is so high!” _____ uttered.

When they got to the very top of the tree, the dolphin said, “We value this oak tree highly because its leaves purify our atmosphere.”

“But most important of all are the acorns. They give birth to these mighty and powerful trees.”

“You can tear one off, _____, and plant it in your garden. Soon, it will grow into a beautiful tree and become home to many birds and animals.”

_____ reached for an acorn…

And woke up at that very moment, brought back from sleep by the morning sun.

The boy raised himself with a sigh. “Was it only a dream?” he asked.

Suddenly, he felt something lying in his palm.

No, it couldn’t be true! In his hand lay the acorn.

So, was it really a dream? _____ didn’t care too much. Most of all he wanted to plant the acorn.

He ran out into the garden and dug a shallow hole in the ground.

He put the seed into the hole and sat beside it, waiting.

Surprisingly, the seed sprouted in no time.

Sometime later, a beautiful, mighty tree grew up, just as the dolphin had promised.

_____ loved this oak tree with all his heart and so did all the animals and birds.

After that he started to spend more time in the open air, playing with the dolphin and his new friends.

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