Pole Star

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Pole Star. Sleep is important, as it keeps you healthy and summons the magic of the dream world. Unfortunately, those who don’t sleep well make trouble for others. Learn why a good night’s sleep is so helpful for all!

Make your child the main character. Replace this (_____) with your child’s name.

Pole Star

Many of you might have noticed that not all stars appear in the sky at the same time.

First, one may start glowing late in the afternoon.

Then, a second and a third one appear, until the whole sky is full of stars.

However, not many know why this happens. In fact, a star appears in the sky every time a child falls asleep.

Some fall asleep earlier, and their stars are the first to appear proudly in the sky.

Some fall asleep later. regardless, everybody falls asleep and packs the sky with a myriad of stars.

A boy named _____ once decided that it was really boring to sleep at night.

He thought it was much more fun to play without wasting time sleeping.

_____ began to struggle to fall asleep. Toward the end of the night, he would get sleepy…

But just for a short while.

And so, his star would barely start glowing…

…and weaken at once.

Which would have been fine, except for one thing – his star was an important pole star that helped seafarers find their way.

When the pole star at first did not appear in the sky, all captains were surprised.

When the star appeared but then became weak on the second day, the captains were upset.

And then when the star lit up faintly and died out on the third, fourth, and fifth days, an intense despair took hold of them.

They all wanted to return home to their children, bringing them gifts from distant voyages and finally embracing them.

There were so many ships still at sea a week later that the whales couldn’t swim.

When that happened, they even waited for the guiding pole star to light up in the sky.

Only a few captains in fact knew that the stars light up when children fall asleep.

But one such captain learned this fact from his mom, who had shared this information when he was a child.

He came up with an idea to send letters to all children around the world, asking them to sleep at least a couple of nights…

…so all ships and their captains could find their way home.

_____ had just returned home after a walk when he noticed a letter in his mailbox.

He grabbed the envelope and read the letter from the ship captain, which said:

“Hello, _____. I know that sleep can be very boring. But every time you fall asleep, your personal star lights up in the sky.”

“Not long ago, all sea captains in the world began facing a very big problem – the guiding pole star stopped lighting up in the sky.”

“This means that the child in charge of lighting this star hasn’t slept for a while.

“If you haven’t done so in the last few days, please go to bed nicely tonight and sleep thoroughly.”

“If you are responsible for lighting up the pole star and sleep for at least one night, we will be able to get home to our families.”

“Many thanks in advance! Yours truly, Ship Captain Seaman. as a token of my appreciation, please accept this gift from me.”

_____ carefully removed a real sailor’s cap ribbon from the envelope.

“This won’t do,” _____ thought. “What if I’m the one who lights up this star? And because of me, the captains can’t return back home?”

That night, _____ went to bed uncommonly early and fell asleep faster than he ever had before.

And at once, his star immediately appeared in the sky – the guiding pole star.

When he awoke the next morning, his mom gave him a big hug. She was glad he finally had a night of good, restful sleep.

Then, she shared the good news that the pole star had appeared in the sky the night before.

And so all the ships, along with their captains, had a chance to find their way home.

_____ smiled and glanced down at his hand.

Therein, he still held tightly to the sailor’s cap ribbon that he had slept with the night before.

He tied ribbon to his bed and decided he would sleep well every night from that point forward.

He will do his best to fall asleep as early as possible since it is his star that helps the captains find their way home every night.

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