The grasshopper’s gift

The grasshopper's gift story with pictures

The grasshopper’s gift. A little grasshopper feels plain compared to his colorful insect friends, so he doesn’t want to join in the Big Bug Parade. But can he find his confidence? After all, everyone is special in their own way!

Make your child the main character. Replace this (_____) with your child’s name.

The grasshopper’s gift

The insects were preparing for a very special day as they gathered under an oak tree to plan the Big Bug Parade.

_____ Grasshopper watched as Lily Ladybird Scuttled over. Wow, her spots were so beautiful!

He smiled at Martin Millipede’s many legs. What an interesting guy!

The grasshopper sighed as dozens of butterflies settled on the ground like colorful confetti.

_____ looked down at his own bug body. It seemed so plain compared to the other creatures.

His green limbs were completely camouflaged amongst the grass and leaves. This was useful to hide from predators like birds, but…

…the camouflage also made _____ feel a bit invisible and dull when he looked at all of his other amazing insect friends.

Bert the Bee, boldly striped in sunshine yellow, buzzed down to the front of the crowd.

“Thank you for coming, everybody!” Bert said. “We’re here to plan our most exciting day of the year: the Big Bug Parade!”

The crowd began clapping, whooping, and cheering.

“The butterflies will open the parade with an amazing air show,” said Bert. “You should all think about how you can perform your talents, too!”

_____ Grasshopper swallowed hard. He couldn’t possibly do anything as impressive as the butterflies.

When the meeting ended, the bugs scattered in all directions, heading for their homes in holes, plants, and trees.

They chatted excitedly as Lily Ladybird planned her walk routine.

Martin Millipide had grand plans for the world’s greatest tap dance.

And the butterflies practiced their twirls and tumbles in the sky.

_____ shuffled quietly back to the long grass where he lived, feeling not very special at all.

A few days later, _____ was dozing on a thick blade of grass when he suddenly heard a commotion.

“Ah,” he said to himself. “It’s parade day.”

He looked down at the excited clusters of insect crawlies making their way toward the oak tree.

_____ crept down in the grass and slid underneath a big leaf. He would hide there until the parade was over.

After some time, the hustle and bustle settled down. “Why hasn’t the parade started?” he wondered to himself.

“It should be happening by now,” _____ said. “Will I have to stay under here all day?”

Just then, the corner of his leaf peeled back. It was Bert Bee. He peered underneath.

“There you are, _____” he cried. “We’ve been looking everywhere for you!” Bert looked relieved and delighted to see him.

“Looking for me? asked _____. “Why? I can’t do anything in the parade.”

Bert looked shocked, and then he laughed. “But your music!” he said. “We need you to play your wonderful music!”

_____ slowly realized what Bert meant. He was the only creature around who could make music with his legs.

He was special after all! _____ smiled and jumped up to follow Bert.

When they arrived at the parade, the insects rejoiced to see their favorite musician, _____ Grasshopper.

_____ climbed toward the top of the oak tree and began to play a celebratory song.

The crowd closed their eyes and appreciated the wonderful music.

And so began the best Big Bug Parade the creatures ever had.

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