The Imaginary Island

The Imaginary Island for kids

The Imaginary Island. Some kids don’t like taking a bath, but after this adventurous story, they will. Let a little elephant help you turn the bathtub into a sea. And the foam? That becomes an imaginary island!

Make your child the main character. Replace this (_____) with your child’s name.

The Imaginary Island

_____ is a little elephant. He’s having fun in his sandbox in the garden.

But after a full day of playing. _____ is dirty. There’s sand in his ears and his trunk.

Mom comes outside to get him. It is time for the little elephant to take a bath!

Mom comes outside to get him. It is time for the little elephant to take a bath!

Water is coming out of the faucet. It runs into the tub. Mom checks the temperature with her trunk.

There’s a lot of foam in the tub, too. It smells nice, but _____ doesn’t like the bubbles.

Some of _____ toys are in the water: a boat, a dolphin, and a turtle.

There’s a soft sponge floating in the tub that the little elephant can use to wash himself.

But _____ doesn’t want to take a bath. He doesn’t like to get wet.

“You have to take a bath before you go to bed,” mom says.

She puts _____ in the bathtub. But the little elephant tries to keep his ears and trunk out of the water.

Mom sees that _____ is not having fun.

She has an idea! “Why don’t you imagine that you’re on an adventure, _____?”

Mom hands _____ his toy boat. “Maybe you can imagine you’re on a real boat.”

“While you pretend, I will get you a towel,” mom says. She leaves the bathroom.

_____ looks at his toy boat. He would like to be on a real one!

The little elephant imagines he’s sailing.

When the toy dolphin floats next to the boat in the bath…

… _____ imagines that dolphins are jumping out of the water!

Then, the toy turtle floats close to the boat.

_____ imagines that he sees a lot of sea turtles race through the water next to his boat. They’re so fast!

The toy boat is now touching the foam. That could be a beach! the little elephant thinks.

_____ imagines jumping off the boat and onto the sand.

He’s on a beautiful island. It has palm trees, flowers, and even a waterfall!

But the waterfall is actually the faucet.

The little elephant imagines standing under it.

Washing yourself is not so bad when you’re under a waterfall, he thinks.

Then _____ notices the sponge in the tub. “If it was bigger, it could be a fun, bouncy castle!”

On his imaginary island, the little elephant jumps on the bouncy castle.

He even uses it to jump into the ocean! The dolphins and turtles are swimming around _____.

He splashes in the bathtub. He’s having so much fun imagining things!

The little elephant would like to explore the island further. But then he sees a hammock between two palm trees. How exciting!

The little elephant makes himself comfortable in the soft hammock and rocks back and forth.

He puts his ears over his eyes and imagines that it’s nighttime on the island.

_____ can see stars all over the dark sky. He even imagines a shooting star. He can make a wish!

He wishes that mom was on the island, too. But when _____ opens his eyes…

Mom is right in front of him!

The little elephant wasn’t in a hammock after all. Mom is holding him in a soft towel. She takes _____ out of the bathtub.

The little elephant tells mom about his imaginary adventure. From now on, _____ loves taking baths!

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