The little bear cub

The little bear cub story tales with pictures

The little bear cub. This is a fun story about a little bear cub exploring the forest on his own for the first time. During his adventure, he meets new friends and learns how to be brave and independent from his mommy.

Make your child the main character. Replace this (_____) with your child’s name.

The little bear cub

_____, a bear cub, loved waking up curled against his mommy’s soft, warm fur.

Every day, they went into the forest together to find food. Mommy bear always growled loudly if there was any danger close by.

_____ liked to stand on mommy’s back to reach for the juiciest berries.

Whenever they went fishing for salmon, he would sit on mommy’s back while she swam across the river.

One day, mommy bear said she was going to search for food on her own. “Why don’t you play outside the cave _____? I won’t be long.”

But _____ didn’t want to go outside on his own. The forest was scary without his mommy by his side.

_____ sat at the entrance to the cave, playing with a pine cone while waiting for his mommy to return.

Suddenly, a small voice cried out. “Help! Help!”

_____ edged out of the cave and sniffed the air.

He heard the voice again. “Please, help me. I can’t get out.”

_____ padded closer to the noise and spotted a bright orange tail sticking out of a hollowed-out log. A tiny fox was stuck inside.

“Don’t worry,” said. “I’ll grab your tail and get you out.”

_____ pulled and pulled with all his strength.

Until, finally, the tiny fox was free.

“Thank you for helping me!” said the fox. “I thought I’d be stuck forever.”

_____ watched the fox dash away deeper into the forest and wondered if he should follow. It might be good to explore on his own.

Feeling brave, _____ wandered into the forest.

He hadn’t gone far when he heard soft sobs nearby.

A small squirrel was crying. ” What’s the matter?” _____ asked.

“I’ve hurt my paws and I can’t dig for food,” said the squirrel.

“I can dig,” said _____. “My mommy taught me, and I have sharp claws.”

_____ dug in the soil by an oak tree and found a big pile of acorns.

“Yummy!” said squirrel.” Thanks for helping. You’re kind.”

_____ smiled and began to walk away. “Wait! where are you going?” called the squirrel.

“Back to my cave,” said _____. “I’ve had enough exploring for today.”

“Can you help me climb up into a tree before you go?” asked squirrel.

“Of course.” _____ smiled. “Mommy says I’m good at climbing. Jump onto my back.”

The squirrel jumped on, _____ plodded further into the forest.

“This one!” called the squirrel, pointing to a tall oak tree with lots of leaves. “I’ll be safe up there until my paws are better.”

_____ stretched up and started climbing. When he reached the middle branches the squirrel jumped off his back.

“Thank you” she called as she disappeared among the leaves.

_____ climbed back down. He couldn’t wait to tell his mommy he’d explored the forest on his own and helped other animals.

While heading back to his cave, _____ spotted some bear cubs wrestling together in the leaves. It looked like great fun!

“Can I play with you?” he asked.

“Yes! Come and join in.”

_____ laughed and rolled around with his new friends. It was fun being in the forest without his mommy.

Crack! The sound of a branch startled the cubs.

_____ spun around and sniffed the air for danger.

He spied a huge wolf prowling behind the trees!

“ARH-Wooooo!” the wolf howled.

_____ and his friends backed up against the trees as the wolf circled closer.

“Quick! Climb up here!” shouted the squirrel from the branch above.

The other bear cubs quickly scrambled up the tree.

But _____ froze. He was too frightened to move. The wolf edged closer and closer.

_____ wished that his mommy was there to growl and scare the wolf away.

Then _____ remembered he could growl too. He stood up on his strong back legs and let out a very loud…

“GRRRRR!” It was his loudest growl ever!

The wolf whimpered and ran away!

_____, you’re brave!” cheered his friends.
“You scared away a Wolf!”

That night, curled up tight beside his mommy, _____ dreamed of his big, brave adventure and the new friends he’d made.

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