Veggies are yummy!

Veggies are yummy story tale with pictures

Veggies are yummy! A boy who doesn’t like eating vegetables learns to like them after visiting his grandparent’s beautiful farm. His grandpa takes him around the farm and helps him understand the importance of healthy food.

Make your child the main character. Replace this (_____) with your child’s name.

Veggies are yummy!

It was a beautiful sunny day, and _____ was outside playing with his friends.

His mother went outside and called, “_____, come inside, it’s time for lunch!”

He was hungry, and his stomach was growling. He couldn’t wait to eat.

He said goodbye to his friends and went inside the house.

After washing his hands, he rushed to the dining room, excited to see what mom had cooked.

He took one glance at the food, and his face fell.

Mom had made salad, plain old salad.

“Oh, no! Not again! Mom, I can’t eat this. You know I don’t like veggies. Can I have something else, please?”

Mom said, “You can’t have anything else because I’m also eating salad. You have to learn to like veggies. They make you healthy and strong.”

_____ was not happy. He didn’t eat lunch that day. He went to his room and slept. That afternoon, he didn’t go out to play.

Mom made pasta that evening, and _____ was very happy. He ate until he was stuffed!

But mom wasn’t happy that _____ did not like veggies. That evening, she had a talk with _____ dad about it.

“I’m afraid _____ won’t grow up healthy and strong if he keeps refusing to eat veggies.”

“Don’t worry, I have an idea.” Dad said, “Let’s take him to see his grandparents this weekend.”

“Once he sees how food grows and how delicious vegetables are when fresh, he’ll start eating them.”

“Oh, yes!” Mom said excitedly. “He loves his grandparents so much, he’ll have a hard time saying no to them.”

That weekend, when _____ woke up, his mom told him “Guess what? We’re going to visit grandma and grandpa!”

_____ was very happy! He screamed and ran around the house in excitement! he hadn’t seen his grandparents in a long time.

“Oh boy! I’m so happy, mom. I’ve really missed gramps and grams since I saw them last Christmas.”

_____ got in the car with mom and dad, and off they went to visit grandpa and grandma in the countryside.

He loved his grandparents. They told the best stories and gave the warmest hugs. They also owned a large farm with many animals.

hey arrived at his grandparent’s farm at noon, and _____ rushed off to get a warm hug from his grandpa and grandma.

“Can I go see the animals, grandpa? The horses and the cows and the pigs?”

“Sure thing, my boy. Let’s go right now before we have some lunch.”

Before grandpa and _____ left, mom called grandpa aside and told him and grandma what their visit was all about.

Then grandpa and _____ went to see the animals. _____ fed the horses apples and the cows grass.

Then he laughed at the pigs playing in the dirty mud.

After they saw the animals, grandpa said, “_____, do you want
to go see the crops? Some are almost ready for harvesting.”

_____ replied, “Sure gramps, I’d love to go to the farm with you.”

Grandpa took _____ to see the farm. It was beautiful, and the crops were colorful.

Grandpa said, “_____ do you know some of these veggies can be eaten raw? Your grandma makes delicious salads with them.”

“Like what, gramps?” _____ asked.

“Well, carrots. parsnips, sunchokes, brussels sprouts, and asparagus
can all be eaten raw. And they have very unique tastes,” Grandpa said.

“Do you really like veggies grandpa, or are you just trying to get me to like them?” _____ asked.

Grandpa said, “_____, I really love veggies. They make me healthy and strong.

“This farm cart looks heavy, right?” asked grandpa, pointing to a cart filled with food.

“Yes, it does!” said _____.

“Look what happens if I eat this asparagus,” grandpa said.

Grandpa took a bite and then pushed the cart to the edge of the farm in no time.

“Wow! Veggies really do make you healthy and strong!” thought _____.

_____ told grandpa, “I guess veggies aren’t as bad as I thought. I’m going to try them.”

When they went back to the house, they washed their hands and sat down for lunch. Grandma had made salad.

She served grandpa first, then _____. She also added salad dressing and some cheese.

_____ thought the salad was delicious! The carrots were sweet, the lettuce was crunchy, and the sunchokes were nutty.

_____ said, “You were right, gramps! Grandma’s salad is delicious! Do you think mom’s salad tastes anything like this?”

Grandpa said, “I’m sure your mom’s salad is just as delicious because I’ve tasted it. In fact, grandma showed her how to make it.”

_____ said, “Oh, wow! I think I’ll start eating mom’s salad from now on.”

After the weekend was over, _____ and his parents said goodbye to his grandparents and went back home.

From that day on, _____ loved to eat veggies. He never said no to mom’s salads again… because veggies make you healthy and strong.

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