Where Is My Roar?

Where Is My Roar

Where Is My Roar? Lions seem like very self-confident animals but in this story. one lion will face his biggest challenge yet as he searches for his roar and will need to learn one big secret in order to do so.

Make your child the main character. Replace this (_____) with your child’s name.

Where Is My Roar?

Where Is My Roar

_____ the Lion wanted to be known as the greatest animal on the savannah. He was fast. He was brave. He was strong.

Yet, he was sad because he still didn’t have his roar.

Whenever he tried, the only thing that came out of his mouth was a quiet “miaow.”

The Lion And The Elephant

One day, _____ noticed an elephant wallowing in her mud hole.

“Hello, Mrs. Elephant. Do you happen to have my roar?” he asked.

“No, sorry,” trumpeted the elephant. “Have you asked the tortoise? Maybe he has it.”

Soon thereafter, _____ happened upon the tortoise.

“Good morning, Mr. Tortoise. Do you have my roar?” _____ inquired.

“Oh, a lion…erm… yes, sure, let me go check my shell,” replied Mr. Tortoise.

The lion waited, but the tortoise never appeared again.

“Erm, ok, it seems he is afraid of me. Thanks anyway, said _____ before continuing on his journey.

Soon, he noticed an ostrich. He was running so fast!

“Excuse me, ostrich!” cried the lion. “Do you have my roar?”

The story of the Lions and the Ostriches

The ostrich looked at him and replied, “Sorry, lion. I have seen many things across the African plains, but I haven’t seen your roar.

The ostrich’s voice faded away as she quickly disappeared into the distance, leaving _____ all alone.

_____ was very sad. “How will I ever find my roar?” he asked himself.

“I think I can help,” said the wise old owl, who had been watching from the treetops.

“You? Please tell me how.”

“I know a place where all the lions go to find their roars. It is very far away, where the big mountains meet. You will find your roar there.”

“I don’t think so!” exclaimed _____. “Everyone knows that path is long, treacherous and scary, even for us lions!”

“That’s why you will need to summon all your strength and courage to find your roar and become the greatest animal on the savannah.”

“But if you wish to remain a kitten your entire life…”

“No! I can do this! I will go there.”

The lion started on his way.

lion and crocodile story

First, _____ came across a wide river full of crocodiles. It was too dangerous to swim across.

“What should I do?” he thought.

_____ took a deep breath and decided to jump on their backs all the way across the river!

He felt very happy after accomplishing this treacherous task, and his bravery inspired him to continue his walk.

Next, _____ met another tough challenge, standing at the edge of the highest cliff he’d ever seen!

The mountains lay ahead on the other side.

He thought to himself… “What should I do?”

_____ ran towards the cliff edge as fast as he could and leapt beautifully into the air!

He landed gracefully on the other side. “That wasn’t so difficult!” said _____. “I guess I really am a great athlete!”

The mountains were so close now, but _____ biggest challenge still awaited him.

A herd of wild buffalo were blocking the path to the mountains. There was no way _____ could get through.

There were just too many of them, and they were stampeding too fast.

_____ decided to ask the buffalo to stop so he could pass by. “Excuse me… can you please pause? I need to get to those mountains.”

“Go and chase a mouse or something, little kitten. We are too busy to mess around with you,” answered one buffalo.

“Huh?!” _____ was so disgruntled with the buffaloes’ behavior, that at that moment…

…the greatest roar finally came out of his mouth: “ROAAAAAAAAAAR!!!”

The buffalo herd stood frozen, and the lion easily skipped past them to finally reach the mountains!

_____ went inside…

…and found no one but…

…the owl. “See! I told you!” said the owl.

“Owl? What do you mean?” _____ replied in confusion.

“Your roar! You just let out the best roar on the entire savannah!”

“Huh? Wait a second… Does that mean my roar was inside me the whole time?”

“Indeed! You merely had to believe in yourself. Now you’ve proven to the savannah and yourself that you are the greatest animal in the kingdom!”

“Oh yes! I am indeed the greatest animal and finally found my roar!” said _____.

_____ was so happy that he was no longer just a kitten. He was a lion!

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